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Second Coming: The SciFi RolePlaying Game

Second Coming: The SciFi RolePlaying Game

The game that started the genre.
From the ashes of an Earth devastated by alien attack, Mankind has risen. Some were mutated, many were killed, but the remainder have spread across the Galactic Strand that Earth's solar system calls home.

Second Coming: Tactical Training

Second Coming: Tactical Training

A fast-paced multiplayer FPS with maps based off of scenes from Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion (in Production).

The Second Coming Universe

Games in the Second Coming Universe

Coming Soon

       PC Games

  • Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion - Relive the battles that made the world of Second Coming.
  • Stranded - Stuck in deepspace on a broken ship, repair your ship and get to safety before you run out of fuel, food and air.
  • Second Coming: Mecha Fights - Be a robot jock trainer and run a gym for underground robot arena battles.


    Tabletop Games
  • Ghetto Blasters - Battle it out with your friends for ultimate control of the streets.

And MUCH MUCH more in the works - keep checking back for details