SC:TT started out as a multiplayer "mini-game" using art assets from Second Coming: The Annakazi Invasion - more to test the scene components and some of the physics that are in SC:TAI. It was also a way to give back to our Contributors in our Indiegogo Campaign, but quickly took on a life of its own. 

The Lowdown:

Create a room for your friends or join one already in progress and kill new friends. Game modes include Deathmatch and Team Deathmath. The action is fast, and luckily, so are the respawns. Up to 24 players per room makes for a kill frenzy! Use your rocket launcher to blow open secret passageways or to block off access. There are currently three EIGHT different maps to cater to multi-player mayhem – each with their own distinct advantages and tactical requirements. Keep your friends close, and opt for a round of Team Deathmatch. Or truly keep your enemies closer, and trust no one in an all out every-man-woman-and-child-for-themselves game of true Deathmatch – where no one is safe from that grenade you just heard getting primed.


Now on

Now, with every purchase, a percentage of the proceeds go to charity!

So - Now kill your friends while making the world a better place!

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